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How To Break Their Model of Reality


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One of my favorite stories from science is the discovery of quantum physics.

This has NOTHING to do with quantum physics itself, only HOW it was discovered.

A bunch of the smartest scientists on earth were sitting around, trying to figure out a problem.

They would heat up this hunk of stuff, and watch measure the heat curve as it cooled off.

Each time they tried to explain what was happening, they got it wrong.

They'd come up with a theory, figure out a way to describe that theory mathematically, and then repeat the experiment.

If the heat-curve match their prediction, they were right.

If it didn't they were wrong, and they'd have to come up with a different theory.

Each theory was a "model." 

And when their model didn't work, they threw it away.

This is VERY uncommon.

Most people fall in love with their model.

In fact, many people (even scientists) when they see the world doesn't match their model, they think the WORLD is wrong.

This is one of the reasons why the world's economy is so messed up.

Goofball economists are so IN LOVE with their economic models, they continue to NOT BE ABLE to understand what's really going on.

But if you can DITCH your model if it's not working, you understanding pretty much anything is pretty simple.

One way we get caught is confusing "descriptive" models and "prescriptive" models.

Descriptive models is just watching what happens.

Prescriptive models is when we think we know what SHOULD happen.

If you try to understand human nature through prescriptive models, meaning you have an idea of how people SHOULD behave, and they don't behave that way, we goofy humans can be VERY frustrating.

But if you just find the right DESCRIPTIVE model, and forget about how you think people "should" behave, we are pretty simple.

So simple that it's easy to play with our brains.

Especially when you understand that our language is based on a set of ASSUMPTIONS that most people aren't even aware of.

If you speak and behave in a way that BREAKS those assumptions, people will have NO IDEA what's going on.

Now, most of the time this happens when some lunatic comes up on the street and starts speaking gibberish.

This creates a fear response.

Because their WHOLE BODY is radiating "gibberish."

This is very frightening.

But when your non-verbal communication is normal and congruent, but your language is breaking the rules of expected grammar, THAT's when you can have some fun.

Instant trances, goofy laughs, and wide eyes of excitement.

All in seconds.

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