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Imagine if you lived on a planet where nobody knew anything about exercise.

Maybe they'd been in a post industrial, post information society for a few thousand years.

And for some reason, all the records of exercise and the affect of physical movement on the body had vanished from the historical records.

Imagine further they thought that being tall was like being strong.

You were either tall or short.

You were either strong or not.

You could either run a long ways without getting winded or you couldn't.

And then you came along.

And calmly explained that if you did pushups every morning, you could increase your strength.

If you went jogging every morning, you could increase your endurance.

And if you did enough of this strange "exercise" you'd have a pretty impressive body.

You would be hailed as a genius. A leader. Somebody WAY ahead of their time.

Sadly, this is the world we DO live in.

Only it's not exercise that's been kept form us, it's learning.

Most of us associate "learning" with school.

Boring subjects, boring teachers, and less than ideal surroundings.

So as adults, when we think of needing to "learn" something, it's almost as if we need to give a speech, or walk across a tightrope above a pit of hungry alligators.

But the truth is learning (strengthening your brain) is just as straightforward as doing pushups or jogging.

In fact, most advances in human history were made by natural learners who used their natural creativity.

Only in the last couple hundred years did schools become "factories to build factory workers."

Once you realize how to RE-Remember your natural learner, thinking of learning something complicated will be just like imagining getting in shape.

Most people get excited when they imagine getting in shape.

They imagine a much healthier and more attractive self.

This is the way humans are MEANT to think about improvement.

We imagine having the improvement, it makes us feel good, and that good feeling motivates us to get it done.

When you apply this to learning (imagining being able to do whatever it is you'd like to do) AND realize that learning is not only EASY, but you can do it without having to sit in a boring classroom, the future looks MUCH brighter.

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