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The Cleaner Strategy


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Coming up with creative solutions can help in any environment.

But just the name, "creative solutions" sounds like a pretty specific job.

Meaning you might be stuck in a corner office in some R&D divisions, and people only call you whenever they've got an issue that needs fixing.

Kind of like the "cleaners" in those mobster movies. The guy they call when stuff has gone way off the rails.

The dude shows up, deals with the bodies, fixes everything, and then gets back to his mobster lifestyle.

But in reality, we ALL have to come up with "creative solutions" on a regular basis.

Every single second of your existence involves you looking out into your future, and trying to make the best decision possible.

However, since most people spend their entire lives AVOIDING any kind of risk and uncertainty, the idea of "solving problems" seems foreign.

The biggest problem they might have is how to pay for dinner.

But the BIGGER you build your life, the more "problems" you'll "solve."

But they won't be problems, they'll be opportunities.

Now, that sounds really lame, I know.

"They're not problems, they're opportunities!" is one of the most OVERUSED phrases in any kind of "self development."

Instead, think of your life like Tetris.

The future is always coming at you, whether you like it or not.

Most people find a place where they SAME STUFF keeps coming at them.

But if you PURPOSELY and CONSCIOUSLY  move toward areas where more COMPLICATED stuff is coming at you, you can build much better things.

And the cool thing is, the better you get at handling the more complicated stuff, the more complicated stuff you'll be able to handle.

Over in the corner where it's safe (and the only thing coming is the same day at work, same shows on TV, same conversations with the same people), life is VERY BORING. 

And when it's over, it's over.

On the other hand, if you slowly position yourself where more and more complicated stuff is coming (different types of skills for different types of jobs, different conversations with different people, different hobbies) life will continue to get BETTER.

Every day is an opportunity to become a CLEANER. 


To handle the stuff that others are too scared to.

Keeping learning more, and keep doing more.

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