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When I was a kid I wanted a Swiss Army Knife.

The kind that has all kinds of tools.

Now they've got all kinds of hidden utility devices.

Like a small piece of plastic that looks like a credit card, (and sits in your wallet next to all your other credit cards) but is a handy tool in case of emergencies.

Batman is known for having all kinds of bat-tools in his bat-utility belt.

A "truism" from NLP is that flexibility is the greatest strength.

Whoever can do things more ways, will generally be the one to get it done.

If you only know one way, when you're stuck, you're stuck.

Luckily for us humans, our main "selling point" as animals was our flexibility.

This first showed up as a sexual division of labor.

Men hunted (protein and fat) and women gathered (fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates).

And because we humans are pretty flexible in what we can eat (omnivores) we spread out all over the place.

Compared to every other animal who is stuck in their own preferred habitat.

Try switching penguins and monkeys and see what happens!

But we humans can THRIVE anywhere.

Our ultimate "utility tool" is our brain.

If we don't know how to do something, we'll figure out a way.

How many other animals have invented microwavable burritos?

On an individual level, the more flexibly you can use your brain, the better of a life you'll have.

Especially if you learn how to learn.

Most people go through school, learn a few skills, and then that's that.

If they're lucky, they'll get a job that won't disappear.

If they're even luckier, they'll get continuous "on the job training."

But why depend on luck?

Learning how to learn is pretty simple.

Since that's pretty much one of our main skills.

Learning new things.

And once you RE-DISCOVER your "natural learner" then you can classify EVERY SKILL into two distinct categories.

Stuff you know how to do, and stuff you haven't learned yet.

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