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How To Break Out Of Any Rut


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All humans are programmed to keep going forward.

Given our modern lives, it's hard to notice this.

But the reason we humans spread out all over the world was because we have descended from ancient humans who had a never-ending drive to keep discovering more stuff.

Even if we're sitting at home, watching TV, it's impossible NOT to keep moving forward.

Only we don't really experience it as moving "forward."

We are always shifting how we sit, what we are thinking of, and if what we are looking at (on our devices or screens or TV) doesn't keep our interest, we NEED to keep shifting.

Just to see how nearly impossible it is to NOT keep shifting, try sitting in a quiet room, looking straight ahead for ten or twenty minutes.

Sit as quietly as you can, and try to not even move your eyeballs.

This is EXTREMELY difficult for most people.

In a sense, we are kind of like sharks.

Sharks can't sit still. They have to keep moving.

But when we humans keep moving, it's usually in circles.

Couch to kitchen to couch to bathroom to couch to bedroom to couch, and on and on.

Or work and home and work and home and work and home.

We STILL have that ancient drive within us. To keep going over new and undiscovered terrain.

Which is precisely why we can feel STAGNANT if we keep going round in circles.

Couch to kitchen or home to work.

What's the answer?

Sell your things and become a nomad?

That's one way. But you DO need to eat. And you DO need to pay for stuff.

So unless you've got a fat bank account, and you happen to only go nomadding near ATM machines, you've got to think of another plan.

One is to keep LEARNING new things.

Interesting things. Challenging things.

This can do a LOT of things at once.

You'll be learning more skills, so you'll be worth more money.

You'll have a real feeling of forward momentum, so you won't feel stagnant or stuck.

AND your brain will stay in shape a lot longer.

And you may even find you have skills you've never even thought about before.

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