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Once I went on a bike ride with a buddy of mine.

It was a last minute plan, so he used my old bike.

After a few miles, we both wondered why he was huffing and puffing so much.

We were both in more or less the same shape. When we'd go jogging together, we'd always kept the same pace.

So it was puzzling why he was having such a hard time.

Then we decided to check the bikes.

He had a brake that was stuck slightly. Not enough to notice right away, but just enough to make him pedal a little bit harder.

Once loosened up his brakes, he quickly went ahead.

He's been struggling to keep up, and with his brakes released, he used the same effort and pretty much blew me away.

I was struggling to keep up with him for the rest of the ride.

Once my brother and I were going on a backpacking trip. We were excited to find this basin that had a bunch of lakes, and supposedly some really good fishing.

Since we were so focused on the destination, we kind of forgot about the path.

Pretty much as soon as we left the car at the trail head parking lot, it was pure switchbacks.

Really steep trails that cris-cross the face of a really steep mountain.

Needless to say, our excitement didn't last very long.

We eventually made it, but both of us were kind of disappointed, AND embarrassed.

Lots of people want the good stuff, but they don't want to do the stuff that is required to GET to the good stuff.

For example, many people would love to play an instrument, but they don't really want to take the time to learn.

Many people would love to speak a foreign language, it's the learning part that trips them up.

Luckily, the way most people learn is the way my friend was huffing and puffing behind me on that bike trip.

There's some extra drag that they don't know about.

And when they release the brakes, and find out how EASY it can be to learn new stuff, they can sprint out ahead of everybody else.

What do YOU want to learn?

Click Here To Learn How


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