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If somebody gave you a million dollars to do 500 pushups, do you think you'd be able to do it?

What if you had six months to prepare?

The only stipulation was that in six months time, you had to be able to knock out 500 pushups without stopping.

Would you do it?

Could you do it?

For a million bucks, most people would find a way.

What about a year, and 1000 pushups?

Again, most people would figure out a way.

But what about two years, and a 100,000 pushups?

That would be questionable. Because the human body has limits.

Even if you did two pushups a second, 100K pushups would take more than twelve hours.

The limits of the human body are ALWAYS being tested.

They have ultra-marathons, long races through the desert.

People swim across the English Channel or other long distances.

People risk their lives (some dying) to climb Everest.

You don't have to look very hard to find stories of people pushing their PHYSICAL limits.

But what about our mental limits?

It seems like whenever we hear any kind of story of super-human genius, it's about some little kid.

Maybe a five year old scores a perfect IQ test (Which for some strange reason has an upper limit).

Or some ten year old has three degrees.

Any kind of great accomplishment of the mind is always attributed to some "genetic" gift.

As if some people are "smart" and other people are "not so smart."

Like some people "know stuff" and other people "don't know stuff."

And the people that "don't know stuff" should just sit back, be quiet and let the people who "know stuff" make all the decisions.

But what if the brain is JUST LIKE the body, in that you can make it stronger, faster, more flexible?

And what if, unlike the body, the mind has NO LIMITS to how much you can strengthen it?

There have been plenty of stories of people pushing their physical bodies past their limits.

But there are ZERO stories of people pushing their mental capacity past their limit.

There're no stories of ultra-smart scientists who've had to retire because their brains became full.

That would be just silly.

But what's just as silly is the really inefficient way we've all been "trained" to use our brains.

In reality, you have MUCH MORE mental potential then you realize.

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