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Guns or Shovels?


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There's a famous line from an old Clint Eastwood movie.

It's at the very end, when they are just about to find the gold they've been looking for.

There were three of them, and Clint's character (the famous "man with no name") killed one of them, leaving two.

That's when The Man With No Name said the famous line:

"There are two kinds of people in this world. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig."

And then Clint (and his loaded gun) sat back while the other guy dug.

You might say this is a pretty good metaphor for how societies have been run since the dawn of time.

There's the ruling class (those with loaded guns) and then everybody else, that does all the work (those who dig).

This situation has also been described as "might makes right."

Meaning whoever has the most power gets to make the rules.

Also known as the "other" Golden Rule:

"He who has the gold, makes the rules."

It's also how most people attempt to persuade others.

They more or less FORCE their ideas on other people.

It's like a willpower contest, whoever gives in first has to go along with the other person's idea.

It's the EXACT same strategy children use. They scream and cry and stamp their feet until they get their way.

Unfortunately, most "persuaders" use the SAME strategy.

Sure, they don't cry and stamp their feet, but the overall structure is the same.

They keep repeating the same point (maybe in different ways) over and over until the other person finally accepts it.

Next time you're hanging out with your friends, listen for the STRUCTURE of any arguments that pop up.

Chances are they are using the "might makes right" strategy.

Each person keeps repeating their point over and over until somebody gives up.

Sure, this technique will work, especially if you are a naturally charismatic, "high powered" person.

If you're not, it takes a lot of energy and a VERY thick skin.

Luckily, there's another way.

A much easier way.

A much more effective way.

It doesn't even require your ideas AT ALL.

It just involves pulling THEIR ideas out until they are SO BIG and SO BRIGHT that everything the other person sees, they see through their own desires.

Their own wants and needs that YOU have helped them to describe in their own words.

And when they look through THEIR own desires, EVERYTHING looks good.

Including you.

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