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How To Make Fast Friends


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When I was a kid I was in boy scouts.

We did a lot of camping, which was pretty fun.

Once we camped at a state beach. Had a big bonfire at night.

There was this new kid that was overly worried about fitting in.

At one point, he was promising to buy people things if we'd be his friend.

Even as a kid that felt kind of weird to hear somebody beg for friendship like that.

They say if you want to make friends, you have to "be a friend."

Sounds kind of good, but what does that mean EXACTLY?

Obviously that boy scout kid thought it meant buying people stuff.

Making friends is tough. The reason we like our friends is we don't have to BE a certain way.

We can just hang out and do whatever.

Not like eating dinner at your girlfriend's parent's house, (for the first time) where you have to be ultra careful about what you say.

Dale Carnegie taught that being genuinely interested in other people is the path to friendship.

Again, a decent sounding piece of advice, but how EXACTLY do you "become interested" in somebody, or even something?

If we humans could just flip a "be interested" switch in our brains, school wouldn't suck so bad.

We'd find some old lady talking about the rules of grammar the most fascinating thing on Earth!

You could even flip on your "become interested" switch and have fun staring at a wall!

Think of they money you'd save!

Seriously, though, Carnegie was onto something.

Most people ARE interesting, at least if you give them have a chance.

But if you walk up to a stranger and demand they start telling you some interesting stories, it might not work out so well.

What's a better way?

To dig for treasure.

Make it a point to FIND interesting things about them.

Here's a secret of people.

Most people will become animated, enthusiastic and INTERESTING when they start talking about the things they are really passionate about.

How do you find out?

Ask them!

Ask them what they want. Ask them about their ideal situation with regards to what they want.

And as you start to find them more interesting, something interesting will happen.

They'll see YOU differently than everybody else.

They'll see YOU as much more interesting than everybody else.

Everybody else usually talks about themselves. Their own wants. Their own opinions.

So when you start talking about them, the THEIR wants, not only will they become animated, but you'll make a quick friend who will never forget you.

Learn How:

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