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One thing that can get in the way of progress is the "shiny new object" syndrome.

For example, let's say you started a weight loss or exercise plan.

You were going pretty good for a couple weeks. Let's say you started walking every day. Pretty soon you were ready to start jogging.

So you decided to go and buy some new running shoes.

While you were at the sporting goods store, you bought a bunch of other stuff.

Pretty soon you're more interested in "buying running stuff" than actually running every day.

Maybe even putting off training until you got the "right" equipment.

Or maybe you wanted to start a business.

So you bought a couple of business books.

But then you decided to maybe go to a seminar. Pretty soon you bought every kind of business "thing" you could find.

You were telling yourself that you were "learning" about business. You didn't want to start until you "really understood" the business concept.

But in reality, you were really just using that as an excuse, to avoid starting. 

Since starting any business, for anybody, is pretty scary.

Now, is the "shiny new object" syndrome a BAD trait?

In the above examples, yes.

But it can also be a MASSIVE benefit.


You can use that same desire (something new) to keep getting more and more success.

You might even say that this trait, of always wanting or striving for "new" things is behind EVERY INVENTION humans have ever created.

Sure, it can misfire, as in the above examples, but it's the same thing that drives all progress.

And you can't shut it off.

It's why we humans are ALWAYS dreaming of a better future, no matter where we are, or what we've accomplished.

It's also one of the reasons why some of the guys who walked on the moon had serous problems when they came back.

Walking on the moon made it pretty hard to dream of bigger and better things.

It's a benefit to recognize and cultivate this trait within yourself AND within others.

It all starts with the question:

What do you want?

Try this out with your friends or family next time you're just "hanging out."

Forget about your own desires for a bit. Also turn off the part of you that judges others, (good or bad).

And ask them:

What do you want?

And keep expanding on their desires. Get them out into the future a couple of years, describing a detail picture of their ideal future.

If you make it a habit of talking to people like this, they'll NEVER forget you.

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