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Do you feel guilty about saying no?

Guest Beverly

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Guest Beverly

Not being able to say no could be a sign that you are worried over rejection, either due to a feeling of inadequacy or lack of self confidence.


Ask yourself if you do any of the following:


 • Immediately say yes without considering whether or not I can do it.
• Feel a bit defensive, as if they are imposing.
• Say no if I need to, then feel guilty for not helping them out.
• Agree to do it, but often don’t follow through if it is inconvenient, honestly.
• Think that if I say no, they will be upset with me.


Know your own time/capability limitations and insist that others respect your boundaries.  Don't feel obligated everytime someone asks you for a favor as some will keep imposing regardless of how limited your free time is.  Only offer help if you know for sure you can complete a task, otherwise explain about your time limitations and offer other solutions that might help the person asking. 


Suggest other ways to be assertive when it comes to saying no.

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I don't mind doing an occasional favor for a friend or family member so long as they reciprocate the favor when I need help.  And, you can easily see which person in your life is willing to help pay you back on favors when you are really in need.  If you find someone who is just a user and always wants favors but never gives any, then this is the kind of person to avoid helping out as they are only in it for selfish purposes.@Windows10Geek.com

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