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A long time ago I used to sell cars.

Most guys that sell cars pride themselves in how "aggressive" they are.

One thing (for car salesman) to be "proud" of is if they "switch" a customer.

Meaning a person comes in looking for a blue car, and the car salesman (nearly always a salesman and not a saleswoman) convinces them not to buy a blue car, but buy a red car.

That supposedly shows of how "powerful" of a salesperson they are.

Car salesman (again, mostly men) would joke in the break room about how "powerful" they were, etc.

Very confrontational. Mostly bluff. Kind of like goofs on the internet talking about how many gorgeous ladies they lay while in real life they're terrified to talk to a girl that smiles in their direction.

Why do most salespeople act this way?

The same way baby tigers "play fight" with each other.

To get ready for the REAL BATTLE.

Unfortunately this is how most sales people, seducers or anybody interested in any kind of persuasion view these kinds of transactions.

Battles. Fights. Contests.

My ego vs. their ego. My willpower vs. their willpower. My ability to "overcome" their "objections." 

Like they're in a cage fight or something.

This is why "selling" creates a lot of anxiety in both sales person and customer.

This is why most people HATE salespeople.

At it's very core, all communications is rooted in persuasion.

The only reason we EVER talk to somebody else is partially to CHANGE their behavior.

Either get them to do something (even if it's to laugh at our joke), or get them to leave us alone.

Sure, it's possible. But it requires you take YOUR IDEAS and get them into THEIR MIND.

Try this out next time you're watching your friends are having a conversation:

See it as an "idea contest" to see whose "ideas" get into the most brains.

Luckily, there is a much easier way. It requires that you SHUT OFF your ideas completely.

This is much harder than it sounds. Our egos are ultra slippery. They have a habit of popping up without us noticing.

But if you can manage to turn off your ideas, your opinions, your suggestions LONG ENOUGH, an amazing thing will happen.

THEIR (the person you are speaking) ideas will EXPLODE like fourth of July fireworks.

They'll be like a little kid that was let loose in the candy store.

Everything looks good, including YOU.

Click Here To Learn How

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