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There's an old saying that goes, "progress is astonishing when you forget about who gets the credit," or something like that.

Meaning if you've got a bunch of people working on a project, one thing that can "clutter things up" is when everybody starts to get attached to their own idea.

It could be an issue at work, where you're trying to develop a new product, or you could be trying to figure out what to do on the weekend with your buddies.

Generally speaking, the more people you've got, the longer it takes to make a decision.

On the one hand everybody's got their "pet idea" that they want everybody to agree to.

On the other hand, nobody wants to do ANYTHING unless they're sure they won't get in trouble if it doesn't work.

Few people will stand up and say, "Let's do this. I'm sure it will work. I take full responsibility if it doesn't."

Most people like to have their cake and eat it to, so to speak.

Meaning they want to be able to take credit for coming up with the brilliant idea that solves everything, but they also want everybody else to agree with it. 

So if it works, they can say, "Yep, it was MY idea!"

But if it doesn't work, they can say, "Well, we all agreed, we gave it our best shot."

I know a guy who's got two VERY VALUABLE skills.

One is he is a genius electrical engineer.

Two is that he can make decisions, especially when nobody else can.

And with those two skills, he can make a ton of money at any modern company.

Another very lucrative and useful skill to have is to LET OTHERS take all the credit.

When you're in a meeting, this won't do much good. (Other than make those long boring meetings over a lot more quickly).

But if you're in a one on one situation (job interview, sales presentation, first date) and you turn off your need to "take credit" it's amazing how much the other person will open up.

It's almost as if we have a sixth sense, where we can feel when the other person is about to pounce on us, and tell us why THEIR idea is better than OUR idea.

But when you REMOVE this common human tendency, and ask the right questions, people will be flabbergasted.

Not only will they, for likely the FIRST TIME, be expressing their deep desires in absolute detail, but they'll automatically and subconsciously associate those deep desires with YOU.

Think THAT can come in handy?

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