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What Are You Hunting?


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Most guys would agree that women today are crazy.

Well, at least some of them.

The reason might be that they are experiencing something that most women (in days gone by) have never really experienced.

The way our monkey brains are hard wired is for men to be leaders, and women to be followers.

This is not politically correct, and most women would disagree, but think back to our hunter-gatherer days.

That's when all of our instincts were formed.

Men followed wealth. In those days, wealth was other animals, and those animals tended to migrated. So men (hunters) followed them.

And the women (and the kids) followed the men.

Now consider most men that women deal with.

Few are hunters. Few are chasing wealth. Few are chasing anything.

Well, that's not true. Most are chasing girls.

To a girl's monkey brain, this does not compute.

Her monkey brain wants her to chase a guy, as he chases wealth.

Not the other way around.

Think of this next time you're at some bar or club and you're watching all the guys and girls interact.

How many of these guys are hunters?

Not girl hunters, but wealth hunters.

Probably not many.

The moral of the story is to become a hunter.

Find something worthwhile to chase. To follow. To pursue. To conquer.

Do that, and the women will follow you.

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