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We want what we can't have.

This is one of the "laws" of persuasion.

Expertly demonstrated by Dr. Cialdini in his book, "Influence."

Both experimentally and by illustrating all the myriad ways advertisers use this rule.

If we like something, AND we think it's scarce (either in short supply or not going to be around for long) it will SIGNIFICANTLY increase how much we like it.

This is a deeply instinctive trait that was built into humans LONG before language was ever invented.

So it lives in the "feeling" level of our experience.

How can you leverage this with girls?


Behave in a way that will increase her attraction.

And then split.

Now, this sounds very counterintuitive. And it's the direct opposite of what most guys do.

Most guys get one look, one half-smile and then hang on for dear life.

This creates attraction and then kills it two seconds later.

That's why a girl can be attracted to you from across the room, but as soon as you walk over, she smells your desperation and her attraction vanishes.

Think of this as the "hit it and quit it" method, or the "hit and run" method.

If you practice this for a few days, something pretty amazing will happen.

Every time you leave a girl (just after getting her to smile at you) you'll have an experience of "that girl was into me.)

Do this for a few days or even weeks, and you'll build up a belief, built on REAL EXPERIENCE that says, "girls dig me."

This will make you INSANELY attractive to women.

If you can keep it up long enough, and build up enough attraction that radiates out from you wherever you go, girls will start to approach you, and do their best to close you.

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