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There's a lot of "mystery" about what women really want.

Ask ten girls what is most important to them, and you'll likely get ten different answers.

One of the reasons for this is females are much more "tuned in" to their social circle.

They rely on their friends much more when making decisions.

So when they begin to rattle of what they want, they can't help but simultaneously imagine that other people (their social circle) are judging them.

So they tend to give answers that reflect this.

When dieticians and doctors are trying to study what people eat, they've realized that asking people will NEVER give them accurate results.

Because people report eating things that don't match what they actually eat.

They tend to say what they think people want to hear.

Same with girls when talking about what they want.

And because dieticians and doctors are much more scientific, they tend to figure out different ways to find out what people actually eat.

You can do the same with women.

Disregard what they say (or don't even ask them in the first place) and instead, watch what they do.

Then it becomes pretty simple what they want.

They want a guy they can't quite get.

A guy who knows how to make decisions.

A leader, not a follower.

None of this is conscious.

But they see a guy like this, and they can't help respond.

Especially if this guy interacts with them just enough, and then bails.

Most guys blow themselves out before they even start.

They interact with her, get some positive responses, and then hang on for dear life.

This, of course, KILLS any desire she might have had.

On the other hand, when you make her smile and then split, she won't be able to get her mind off you.

If you make it a habit of doing this with ALL FEMALES, then you'll have massive social proof.

She'll see you as much different from every other guy out there.

Which will drive her even crazier.

This will allow YOU to choose from the best.

Learn How:

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