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If you've ever been to a bar or club or party, you have likely seen this behavior.

A guy, or group of guys come in and approach every girl and every group.

From the guys' standpoint, this can seem pretty fun.

But if you're not ultra confident, it can also be extremely nerve wracking.

If you've ever approached a group of girls on your own, you know what I mean.

If it works, it works.

But if they start grilling you, and you aren't sure how to respond, it can make you want to run away with your tail between your legs.

Luckily, there is a much better way.

It DOES require a certain mindset.

Think of it like a runner, who's getting ready for a race.

He's got training days, and he's got race days. He doesn't confuse the two.

On training days, he does certain things. Not for the immediate benefit, but for the benefit he'll get in the future as he builds up his endurance and speed.

Consider talking to girls in two categories as well.

"Training days" and "Game days."

What do you do on training day?

Never, ever close.

Wait, what?

I know, this is very counterintuitive, and contradicts the "make the ho say no" strategy that many gurus preach.

But consider what will happen.

You walk past a girl, smile, and she smiles back.

Most guys would charge forward like a starving hound in a meat shop.

But avoid this.

Instead, keep walking.

Keep this "leave on a high note" strategy for as long as you can.

Think of it as a mental battle.

Keep doing this until you build up SO MUCH confidence, and you are SO SURE (based on your experience) that you can make ANY GIRL feel happy.

And pretty soon girls will start closing YOU.

Click Here To Learn How

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