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There are a lot of phases guys go through when trying to "get girls."

Most everybody, at some point, goes through a phase of walking up to every girl with a pulse, spitting out a line and asking for the number.

This works, but you need a lot of motivation and a very thick skin.

Then there's the "social circle" approach. If you meet people through your social circle, they usually come partially vetted, so you know you're not going to end up with a vampire or something.

But both of these methods subtly rely on the "how do I get her to like me" strategy.

Which means you like her FIRST, and you'd like her to like you. No matter HOW you try to solve this problem SHE will know that you like HER before she likes YOU.

Which will put you at a serious disadvantage.

It's much better to have a girl like YOU first.

How do you do that?

You have to be attractive, from a girl's mindset.

What do girls find attractive?

Driven men. Men who know where they are going. Men who have a plan for their lives, a plan that is ALWAYS more important than her.

Few girls will admit this, or few girls even know this.

Girls are attracted to a "Man with a Plan" but they "domesticate" him. Or tame him. Or train him.

And then they LOSE their attraction for him.

Lots of guys blame women for this. Or the state of society.

But the cold hard truth is that NOBODY can TRAIN YOU if you do not allow it.

This will happen naturally if your plan for you life is BIGGER than your desire to be with any one girl.

Create a massive dream, and girls will follow.

But here's the secret. Even if you work part time, or for minimum wage, so long as you have a REALISTIC plan, and you are taking action to make it happen, this is enough.

Ten or twenty years in the future is fine.

Create a vision, a dream, and then make it happen.

Once that happens girls will start showing up out of nowhere, and THEY will be the ones that chase YOU.

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