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One under-appreciated invention is artificial flavor.

Not really from a health standpoint, but from a marketing and production standpoint.

If you had to use real strawberries to make strawberry ice cream, it would be pretty expensive.

But since you get use highly concentrated strawberry extract (or whatever the heck they use) you can make it a lot cheaper.

Now, most of those artificial flavors aren't the greatest thing for your health. If you drink them by the gallon you'd probably have problems.

Other things that are "artificial" are better. Meaning they're similar to the "real" thing, but they're a lot cheaper.

For example, a couple decades ago, to come up with some music to score a movie, you'd need to hire a whole orchestra.

Now you can make the same sounds on your laptop, with some software and sampled music.

And from a consumer's standpoint, it's WAY better since you can also create sounds that no orchestra could come close to.

Female attraction, and how to create it, can be thought of the same way.

There's the old school, original way.

Become the dominant alpha, and lead a group of men out to kill some wooly mammoth.

But with technology, you can get the same result (the female attraction) but with a lot less effort.

Like scoring a movie on your laptop instead of hiring a humongous orchestra.

The "trick" (it's not really a trick) is to exhibit the behaviors of an alpha leader.

You don't have to actually "lead" anybody.

All you have to do is have something you're "chasing" that is MORE important than any girl.

And this will make all the girls chase you. (Or wish they were confident enough to chase you.)

It involves building your beliefs a bit differently, which will change your behaviors in a subtle yet much more attractive way.

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