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There's a thing in modern society called "demographic shift."

It means that as societies get more advanced, they start making less kids.

Because kids are very time consuming and expensive, people start to plan them instead of just having them.

Widely available birth control is also responsible for this.

But there's something else going on as well.

The longer couples tend stay married, the less then tend to have sex.

Now guys will blame the girls, and girls will blame the guys.

What's really going on?

One reason is our instincts aren't really built for a modern society.

Our instincts are built for a primitive society.

Think of that in terms of female attraction.

Think of all the guys in a female's life back then.

They always got up early, and went out hunting.

Sometimes for days.

They didn't call, they didn't text.

They came home when they came home.

If they were successful, everybody was happy.

If they got skunked, everybody was worried. Because if the guys couldn't get it done, the whole tribe was in trouble.

Think of how the modern guys behave. Most guys can't go a couple of hours without contacting a girl they're chasing, let alone a couple of days.

The idea of a guy always calling, or at least being available 24/7 just didn't exist in our past.

And guess what?

If it didn't exist in our past, there's no part of her neurology that is going to find that behavior attractive.

Her inner cave girl will interpret that "24/7 availability" as a guy who's NOT out hunting.

She'll interpret that as a guy who's too scared to stray too far from the women and children.

Not the type of behavior that make her panties wet.

She may not know it, or even like it, but she IS programmed to be attracted to a guy who leaves when he leaves, and doesn't come back until his job is done.

Now, this  may not be the BEST behavior to keep a long term relationship alive. That requires communication and an understanding of how to handle those pesky ancient instincts.

But if you want to create automatic attraction in ladies, start thinking like a HUNTER.

Click Here To Learn How

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