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What causes irresistible attraction in women?

Money? Looks? Fancy clothes?

Sure, these will get her attention. But if these AUTOMATICALLY caused attraction, then rich people would never get divorced.

If having money CAUSED a girl to be attractive, then that attraction would exist as long as they money existed.

And there're plenty of rich guys who couldn't get laid to save their lives.

So there's got to be something different.

Is it looks? Some girls are irresistibly attracted to ugly guys. It can't be looks.

One way to understand this is take a broad look at human nature.

We've only been living in large cities for a small fraction of the time we've been around.

So the triggers for attraction have to be much older than anything we can find in modern society.

What's the basic structure of pre-modern society?

People were hunters and gatherers. Men hunted, and women gathered.

Did men go hunting in the same spot every day?

No, they did not.

They were nomads. Because the animals they were hunting were always migrating. 

They men followed the animals, and the women followed the men.

Every day the men would go out, and every day they could come back.

What were animals back then?


They could use animals for food, for clothes, for weapons, for jewelry (that signaled status).

So men chased wealth, and women chased men.

Did men HAVE wealth? No, they rarely HAD wealth, at least the most important part (the meat) because it didn't last long.

So in the ancient days, the most attractive men were the ones that were the most effective at CHASING wealth.

What kind of wealth are YOU chasing?

That is not only the secret to creating irresistible attraction in women, but creating a life worth living.

What do you want to create with your life?

How will you create your wealth?

Start chasing it, and the women will follow.

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