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Humans are hard wired to respond to scarcity.

We want what we can't get.

However, scarcity has to be applied correctly for it to work.

Meaning if you hid in your closet, starting now until the end of time, you'd be scarce.

But nobody who you didn't already know wouldn't notice anything.

Before you "make yourself scarce" you've got to "demonstrate value."

Personally, I don't really like term, "demonstrate value."

It makes it sound like you have to walk up to girls and do tricks or something, and then run away.

A better term is "generate attraction." 

A simple way to get girls to like you is to generate attraction and then leave, BEFORE you wear out your welcome.

Most guys do the opposite.

They get a smile from a girl and go and talk to them until the girls literally decides she's got to move from the location to get rid of the guy.

This is the "make the ho say no" strategy, and it's a horrible one.

It's purposely creating an uncomfortable feeling that she feels BECAUSE of you.

On the other hand, consider the "hit and run" strategy.

You get a smile, you flirt for a few seconds, and then you split.

She will WISH you stayed longer, and you'll feel that.

If you do this as a confidence building exercise, it will work wonders.

Meaning you aren't trying to get numbers or names or anything.

Only flirt, smile and leave. Or flirt, conversation, and leave.

Do this enough and you'll build in an experience of "girls want more of me."

Not, "girls are always making excuses to get away from me."

And eventually you'll meet a girl that WON'T let you get away.

Learn How:

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