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There's two ways guys tend to get girls.

One is the old school way. Walk up and talk to dozens of girls per week.

Learn from experience. Write down all the objections you got but couldn't overcome. 

Practice overcoming them in the mirror ten times a day before you go to bed.

Collect fifty phone numbers a week, call all them and set up ten dates.

Then end up going on five, since the other five flaked.

Essentially, this is the sales funnel method.

Tons in at the top, and a few high quality girls at the bottom.

It works and it works well.

But it takes a lot of time, and effort.

AND if you're not the kind of guy who easily walks up to gorgeous girls and starts conversations, it could be a bit tricky.

Then there's the other way.

Those few lucky guys who just seem to have tons of charisma.

They walk into a room, and all the girls are hoping they pick them.

They barely have to lift a finger, and girls are swarming all over them.

Most guys see those guys, those ultra charismatic guys, and figure it's some weird combination of genetics, and a particularly lucky upbringing.

But they're wrong.

You can LEARN how to be charismatic.

AND you can do so without having to approach tons of girls.

Learn How:

Click Here To Learn How

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