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Have You Started Your Hero's Journey?


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We use a lot of metaphors in our language.

In fact, it is pretty hard to NOT use metaphors.

For example, in that sentence up there, the word "it" is a metaphor for a process or an idea, and it is metaphorically described as "hard."

Hard can refer to a physical object, (like a hard wall or a hard boiled egg) but it can also mean difficult or complicated.

One common metaphor is the metaphorical gradient between "fresh" and "stale."

Physically, it can refer to food. When it's "fresh" it's just out of the oven. Still warm. The most delicious.

But let it sit around, and it will get "stale." It won't taste as good.

We like things that are "fresh," and we don't like things that are "stale."

We also use these terms to describe experiences.

When something is "new" and "fresh" it's exciting. We are still in the "discovery phase."

And one of the BEST feelings of being a human is discovering something new.

Something that keeps getting better.

This is why the beginning of a sexual relationship is one of (or can be one of) the most magical thing a human can experience.

The only thing that may be better is the beginning of a new PERSON.

When relationships get "old" we refer to them as "stale."

Plenty of us have been in those same, boring old relationships.

You do the same things, go to the same places. That "new" and "exciting" feeling is gone.

This is when people start to stray.

The human brain doesn't do well when life is boring.

We CRAVE new experiences. It's very hard to live life when you're doing the SAME THINGS day after day.

However, and paradoxically, we can also be simultaneously TERRIFIED of something anything "new."

Because doing something new implies risk, which implies potential failure, which implies negative feelings.

So at the same time, we are CRAVING a new experience, but TERRIFIED of making it happen at the same time.

This is one of the reasons why the HERO'S JOURNEY (the story that has been repeated a kajillion times since we were cavemen) is so compelling.

The "hero" is FORCED to do something new. Something that propels him on a NEW adventure.

That is our human DREAM COME TRUE. 

To be FORCED into a situation that lets us achieve our greatest potential.

But here's the thing.

If you are waiting for stormtroopers to come and kill your family before you go on your great adventure, you might be waiting a while.

In real life, the hero's journey begins with YOU.

When you DECIDE to make the journey.

When you accept the potential for failure, and go forward anyway.

That is when your journey begins.

Get Started:

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