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Heres my advice, from my own experience. I dont use this product but I do use George's products and have gotten results.

*Stick to one product at a time. Better to absorb new information well than scatter your resources.

*Couple your product with a strong intent and visualization. Perhaps George can help or already gave you tips in-product.

*I personally dont get good sleep if the affirmations run all night. I also cant sleep well with headphones tethered to me. As you go to bed, listen to them as you drift to sleep and visualize for a few minutes (or as long as youd like). I find success listening to them in the background as my day goes on, with headphones and visualization as my day goes along.

*Patience. Pressuring yourself only makes your progress grow slowly.

*I often visualize/repeat/chant "these affirmations are me. I am these affirmations." Or phrases like this while it plays and I meditate. Allow yourself to become defines and submit to the affirmations while you visualize daily.

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Week 4


Increase = 0%

No sign of improvement

I think the subliminal do not work. Since the price is only $5 (I am living in a developing country, even here 5$ is peanut)and the duration is 1hour. The author strategy is, no one will listen to this everyday and will be ashamed to ask for refund. So 100% profit for the author. I will continue to listen for 4 weeks and see what happen.

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57 minutes ago, alexthomas192 said:

The author strategy is, no one will listen to this everyday and will be ashamed to ask for refund.

All refunds are processed, none are questioned. Please understand how subliminals work:

The sessions change your beliefs.

Your beliefs change your behavior.

Your behavior creates the result

The subliminals DO NOT alter reality.

The recommendations are as follows:

1) Listen once per day with a clear intention.

2) Journal every day about your results with the following suggested outline:

What evidence do I see of changes happening?

What things could I DO to enhance these changes?

3) Use your daily journaling and experiences to feed into your visualization.

What specific visualizations have you been doing?

Have you been doing any journaling?

Have you been DOING anything differently to augment your listening?

Those that only passively listen without ever doing anything differently will not get results.

The sessions are meant to support your efforts, not replace them.

I'm happy to provide a refund if you send an email requesting one.

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I've been listening for about 3 or 4 weeks.

I purchased the product because I've been gradually shrinking for the past 5 or 6 years.

Other than taking supplements, I haven't done much else.

I finally decided to actively do something about my situation.

In the beginning, I was listening every night, and somehow expected miracles over night.

The first couple of times I measured myself, I became very disappointed.

Apparently, simply listening, and measuring each day wasn't enough.

For me, listening was only a fraction of what needed to be done to see noticeable results.

Besides listening, I also did visualizing, and stretching exercises, along with supplementation.

My experience now, is that I'm growing by micro tear increments every day.

I actually enjoy actively doing things to make myself bigger.

Although I don't consciously hear the statements, I'm subconsciously driven to take action daily.

Every now and then, I also review the pdf, and I'm amazed at how I completely accept, and agree with the statements.

I wouldn't mind having an audible Gamma and Theta version, although not necessary.

Either way, this is good enough for me and well worth the $5 price.

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WOW Laci where were you all these times, as soon I post a negative comment. Administrator replied and immediately after  a user replied.

So George tells that(blue) and my question are in red

The sessions change your beliefs. (so my penis will remain the same but I will belief that my penis is huge)

Your beliefs change your behavior.(what behavior will acquire after listening, please list the behaviors?)

Your behavior creates the result

The subliminals DO NOT alter reality. ( So you are telling that the size of my penis will remain the same since subliminals do not alter reality)

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13 hours ago, alexthomas192 said:

Your beliefs change your behavior.(what behavior will acquire after listening, please list the behaviors?)

This is impossible. How beliefs affect behaviors is not linear. I have no idea who you are, what of personality you have, etc.

Everybody will be affected differently by the same suggestions. Changing beliefs to change behaviors is a very complicated PROCESS.

You are not doing something as simple as baking a cake where somebody can tell you EXACTLY what to do to get the EXACT results you want.

In the process of changing your beliefs, you will start to TRY THINGS on your own to augment the process.

If you are expecting to lay their passively while the sounds do all the work, that will not happen.

You need to PARTICIPATE.

Part of the participating process is journaling about YOUR OWN THOUGHTS and how they are affected by the listening sessions.

Some of the things you think AFTER listening can help you choose behaviors that MAY or MAY not create the results you seek.

But none of that will happen if you are expecting linear results.

This is why daily JOURNALING is essential. It helps get the thoughts out of your mind, on paper, so you can look at them and then see if they lead you to THINK of different behaviors.

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So its been 2 months since i started to listen to the Ten Inches Product. I listened to it for about 8 hours every night. I have found my penis to be generally bigger when flaccid, maybe even a little thicker and a little longer, nothing more then 1/2 an inch but i have not experienced any erection growth. I will continue for as long as it takes, as i am committed to growing a 10 inch monster. i calculated at best 1/2 an inch growth every month or two months. I'm sticking to listening every night for the next 12 months and seeing what happens.

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Increasing your penis length and girth is not that easy as it's quite time-consuming and requires extra effort and commitment. Although the process definitely takes time, it is actually possible with the right techniques or device. Also, I've read that using a penis pump is one of the best ways to enhance not only your dick but performance as well. You may want to click over here to understand the benefits of using a pump and why you should use one. 

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Juelqing 10 mins three times a week for 6 months might help. One day off inbetween. Also, stretching the penis before juelquing.

Don't watch porn and compare yourself with the men there. Those guys don't have normal size penises. Average size in EU is 15.2 cm. Think about that for a moment.

There is no fun in having a bigger size penis when girls are hurting. There are girls who fantasize about big but when they're experiencing a guy pounding them it's not always fun.

The experience is not the same as the fantasy.


Also, having a big penis (or a regular size) and start anal pounding like you've seen in porn clips is not a smart way. The porn actresses warm up with buttpluggs an hour or two before the anal scenes. They also use a lot of lube.

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