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Consistent Comfort Zone Expansion


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Fortune favors the brave.

This is one of those truisms that everybody "knows," but not really.

We all "know" it in the sense that we've heard it a billion times, so it's familiar.

Intellectually familiar.

But for many people, that's where it stops.

There are plenty of stories and metaphors to describe this.

The problem of many of those stories or metaphors is they are not relatable to the common person.

Like Cortez burning his ships when he arrived in Central America.

That way, his soldiers HAD to succeed, or else they'd die.

Or the famous line from Apollo 13, "Failure, is not an option."

I don't know about you, but I don't manage moon missions very often.

Nor do I command a bunch of ships into unexplored territory.

So when we hear those stories, we all nod our heads and say, "Oh, yeah, totally! Go big or go home!"

But how often do we actually DO something like that?

To actually make a move that proves that "failure is not an option," or that we really HAVE decided to "go big or go home?"

We get opportunities every single day.

But if we're too scared to take them, we don't even notice them.

It's very common for guys and girls who are shy, but otherwise attractive (decent looks, decent clothes, decent personality) to NOT NOTICE the signals that women and men are giving them.

Seeing the signals would require at least thinking about responding.

Which would require either taking action (scary) or not (blow to the ego).

So our cognitive dissonance doesn't even let us SEE those signals.

But they're there.

Like in the Talking Heads' song, "Dreams walking in broad daylight."

Luckily, you don't have to burn any ships, or wait around until Tom Hanks and his buddies are stuck on a broken moon mission.

Every single day you can take SMALL steps to push our your comfort zone.


If you started doing pushups, nobody would doubt that within a year you'd be able to do a couple hundred (or a lot more) without stopping.

Consider expanding your social comfort zone the same way.

Tiny little baby steps, every single day.

Inch by inch, as they say, life's a cinch.

Click Here To Learn How

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