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Owning your feelings


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When you are feeling stressed over an event (such as a negative run in with your boss or family member), rather than lashing out at the other person, try this idea. 


Refocus yourself.  Turn inward.  Acknowledge your feelings, rather than denying them. The harder you try to deny your feeling of anger or annoyance, the more your mind will push you to accept it.  After all, your feelings are your own so you should own up to them, rather than pretending they are not real.


This is just the first step in changing how you perceive the event, but an important one.  Just as you must embrace grief to allow a relationship to go, you must also embrace your feelings and admit that these feelings are yours (even if they are considered socially unacceptable). 


Self acceptance will help you make the first important step toward resolution of negativity in your mind.

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