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The idea of going back in time is pretty cool.

Especially those movies where an adult switches bodies with a kid in high school.

Imagine being able to go back to high school knowing what you know now!

One of my favorite time travel movies is called "Primer," which is a low budget indy film.

One of the reasons I like it is was realistic (as much as time travel movies can be). 

That the FIRST thing the characters did when they realized they could go back through time was to figure out how to game the stock market.

One of the reasons we like the idea is few of us look back on any part of our history and think, "Yep, I handled that absolutely PERFECTLY!"

I'm sure you, like most people, have incidents in your past that you'd rather not think about.

I know I do!

Another sci-fi type idea that's pretty popular is mind reading.

Being able to read other people's thoughts.

Playing poker, negotiating, knowing which girls to talk to, etc.

The truth is that this is more likely than most people realize.

Most people have the same desires and the same fears.

Most people don't like going to work, they aren't best buddies with their boss, they worry about their bills and they are terrified of rejection.

Most would like to be more confident socially, but are afraid to try.

Which means you, as an advanced social operator, already have a head start.

You can be the one to not reject them.

You can be the one to let them know that meeting new people can be easy and enjoyable.

Just imagine your worst fears, with regards to social situations, and then talk to THEM to make sure THEIR worst fears don't come true.

That way YOU can be the person to make everything happen.

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