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Beware Your Comfort Zone


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In many disciplines, they have the idea of an "S curve."

It represents any kind of growth.

It starts out moving left to right, slowly increasing.

Then something significant happens, and the growth increases a lot, going up, rather than across.

Then it reaches a saturation level, and levels off, but still goes up a bit.

Overall it, looks like an "S."

That bottom curve is the best part.

The bottom part before the curve is the HARDEST part.

Where you're working and working and only SLIGHTLY getting better.

So when you start to see REAL results, it feels pretty good.

Most successful businesses go through SEVERAL "S-curves."

Every time they level off at the top, (after the growth spurt) they scramble to find something else, and start growing again.

For humans, we don't really feel alive unless we are constantly improving.

That's why people who win the lotto or otherwise get a sudden ton of money tend to crash and burn.

At first it feels pretty good.

But then all the problems start.

And most importantly, they aren't feeling that NECESSARY feeling of forward momentum, based on their own efforts.

Few things in life feel better than putting in daily effort toward something that YOU feel is important, and noticing consistent results.

Developing relationships with others isn't any different.

We LIKE to have forward progress.

One of the many reasons people break up is if they feel "stagnant."

Just going through the motions.

One of the reasons for this is that people start to feel comfortable with one another. Safe.

But safety can sometimes be a trap. The worst trap.

That one that doesn't reveal how insidious it is until you've spent years "safe" while life has been passing you by.

Now, this doesn't mean you need to go swimming with sharks every day or get a pet rattlesnake and let it roam around your apartment.

But it IS a good idea to do SOMETHING on a regular basis that is a LITTLE BIT outside your comfort zone.

One way to do that is to always be open to meeting new people.

Make it a habit to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Not because they're "hot" or you think you'll co-discover the next atomic element together, but just because.

Because talking to new people is exciting. Interesting.

And you NEVER know what growth opportunities will present themselves.

Get Started:

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