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I used to have this friend.

We'd get into these long rambling conversations.

And invariably, about an hour after we'd been talking, he'd want to know how we got there.

Meaning he wanted to back through our conversation and trace every topic and how each topic morphed into the next.

Try that sometimes, after a ten or fifteen minutes. It's pretty mind boggling.

Life is just like that.

Many of us dream of a step by step sequence where we KNOW what the outcome is going to be.

Unfortunately, it RARELY works out like that.

Ask any ultra successful person, and they'll say that one of the key components is go just keep following whatever is working.

If you try to force "the market" into your way of thinking, you'll have a hard time.

This is why market research is crucial.

Imagine somebody who loves Mexican food, so they open a Mexican restaurant.

But if they'd done their market research, they would have found that there are already three Mexican restaurants in town, and they are struggling.

Now, most people aren't ready to open up a business.

But keeping any open mind for any new ideas is crucially important, for any endeavor, even if you just want to enjoy life.

Many successful businesses were started primarily because of the relationships of the people that started it.

Nobody really has an idea for a business, and then goes out to find people to help.

It's usually the other way around. Everybody's got a set of skills and a bunch of half-baked ideas.

It's when certain people get together, and mix all those skills and half-baked ideas together is when life changing events happen.

You can think of this as being a "Social Entrepreneur." Meaning you go out to meet people simply because meeting people is fun.

It can also lead to lifelong friendships and relationships.

And it can also lead to billion dollar business ideas.

It all starts with your ability to mingle with others, and make magic happen.

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