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How To Make Yourself Go Viral


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I love watching movies.

All kinds, but in particular I'm a big fan of the "found footage" genre.

Many people think they suck, but for some reason I find them entertaining.

A normal group of people doing normal things and then a bunch of ghosts or aliens or something shows up and kills everybody.

There are some really good ones, and some not so good ones.

It's easy to understand why they are pretty popular, at least with movie makers.

They're cheap to make (you don't need a lot of equipment or expensive actors) and the potential is huge, due to viral marketing.

One of the originals, "The Blair Witch Project" from back in the 90's was purely viral marketing. They spent less than a million to make it, and ended up making tons.

What worked even better, from a marketing standpoint was "Paranormal Activity." It cost less than a million to make, and grossed over 250 million worldwide.

Mostly by word of mouth, or "viral marketing."

If you can leverage viral marketing, you can MASSIVE return for very little cost.

Even in your own life. If you have a good reputation in your social circle, you're "pre-vetted" for a lot of things.

Relationships, jobs, or if you're throwing a party. Word gets around and everybody wants to help you.

This isn't as difficult as it seems, even if you don't have very much of a social circle.

All you need to do is get out there, and interact with others in the right way.

Get interested in them, instead of talking about yourself.

Pretty soon you can be the guy or girl that everybody wants to be around.

All through word of mouth.

Any time you need anything, you can tap your social circle, and they'll have your back.

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