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Dealing with rumination and negative thought patterns


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Often, we encounter situations in life that are traumatic and leave a lasting impression.  For instance, a hostile run in with a parent might forever leave you scarred, having the event play over and over again in your mind. 


And, while you have likely tried to push these negative thoughts from your mind, the key might not be to resist so much as embrace them.

Try this technique instead.


Channel the ruminations of negative events into a harmless conduit.


Allow yourself to dwell on the thought pattern for ten seconds, fully immersing yourself in the memory or event.


Now listen for a background noise (hum of computer or other mundane noise).  Tune into that noise and allow yourself to hear it fully.  As you listen deeper, allow the rumination and negative thoughts of the pestering event to channel itself into that noise.


You should fully immerse yourself in that noise to get the full benefit.


You should notice relief from the negative or repetitive thought pattern over this event.


You can repeat this as often as you need for relief.

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