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There are a lot of metaphors for our comfort zone.

The elephant that was tied up as a kid, but when he was untied as an adult, he still thought he could only go in the same circle.

The fish that would only grow as big as his tank.

Most of these are describing our comfort level. The things we are comfortable doing.

In doing so they miss a very crucial and extremely limiting factor of our comfort zone.

It not only keeps us doing things that are safe, but it constricts our creative imagine to the safe things.

Sure, we have plenty of "wishes" where we get stuff without having to do the work. 

Like winning the lottery, or having some supermodel take us home for some fun.

But we usually acknowledge that these are wishes, at least on some level.

But when we are creatively trying to come up with solutions, we tend to ONLY think in terms of what we're comfortable doing.

This happens subconsciously.

Imagine you were really strong and flexible. You spent a lot of time on strength training as well as speed and flexibility.

Suppose you were standing on the corner, next to a baby in a baby carriage. The mom (or the babysitter) was busy staring at her phone.

Then some object came flying at the baby carriage.

Because your subconscious understanding of your strength and flexibility, you'd naturally swat whatever it was out of the way. It would happen before you even knew you were doing it.

Now consider the same situation if you had weak arms, a bad back and intense shoulder pain.

Your mind-body system might not even consider swatting it away. Instead, you might yell instead. Or lunge to push the baby out of the way.

The bottom line is whenever our subconscious is looking out into the world and sorting for solutions to our problems or answers to our desires, it's only going sort based on what we're comfortable doing.

And if your comfort zone is socially limited in any way, you WON'T SEE all of the opportunities around you.

For example, your subconscious will figure that "talking to strangers" is out of the question, so you won't even notice all the opportunities that involve talking to strangers.

But when you slowly expand your social comfort zone, you'll start to see MANY MORE opportunities.

And when you're daydreaming and thinking of creative solutions, your mind will have a LOT more flexibility.

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