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Most people underestimate the ability of us humans to learn.

There's a lot of thinking that says that after we leave childhood and become adults, we can't learn any more.

This HAS to be impossible.


Because every invention that was ever made, since humans slowly transition from throwing rocks at zebras to landing ships in the moon, were made by adults.

And it's kind of hard to invent something if learning after a certain age is impossible.

Think of those situations. Inventors and kids.

Kids are surrounded by supportive adults, who are always encouraging them to learn, and giving them positive feedback when they're successful.

You might even say that a kids only job is to learn.

Adults get up and got to work, to work.

Kids get up and go to school, to learn.

And EVEN THOUGH learning in school is one the WORST ways to learn, kids still learn a bunch of stuff.

What about inventors?

They're in situations that are nearly the same as kids.

They don't shovel coal, or calculate quarterly earnings, they think stuff up.

And just like kids, they are rewarded (with money and notoriety) when they invent cool stuff.

Learning, in a sense, is an invention.

Especially REAL learning.

It's basically a human of any age "inventing" a new way to do something or think about something.

Sure, adults make up a bunch of rules so that whoever invents it first gets a prize, but MANY THINGS have been invented by more than one people at one time.

A helpful model, to think about when you see yourself and the world and how you relate to one another, is an inventor. A creator.

Somebody whose job is to always "tinker" in your "lab" to find new ways of doing things.

New ways of interacting with people, talking to people, and finding the ideas in their minds.

That's how inventors work, and that's how kids work.

Kids learn by interacting from other kids. Copying and modeling.

Inventors work the same way.

The idea of a lone scientist toiling in the lab, like Edison, is more the exception than the rule.

And that is only true because they're worried that somebody will steal their invention.

Edison was, after all, a businessman more than an inventor.

And like most inventors, many of his ideas were "borrowed" from other inventors.

Just like kids "borrow" the behaviors of other kids.

The truth is that you are a social animal. A creature that does best when interacting with others.

See the world as your lab.

A place where you can have fun, experiment and continuously re-invent not only how you see the world, but yourself.

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