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How To Re-Wire Your Automatic Response


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If you look at the brain from a purely biological-physical standpoint, it's pretty interesting.

At the base is the most ancient part, the reptilian brain. This is for fight of flight response, pure safety mechanisms.

Then on top of that is the mammalian part. Social interactions, complicated emotions and feelings.

And on top of that, is a very thin layer, the "neo-cortex" which literally means "new-brain."

Since it's new, it doesn't control much of our activity. Our conscious minds don't perceive very much of what's going around us.

AND our conscious minds don't really control much of our behaviors either.

A lot of studies have shown that most of the time, our conscious brains are the LAST to know something's going on.

There's also a couple if ideas that confuse how we think about things.

One is that there is a slight "delay" between when things happen and when we respond.

You can see this with a friend pretty easily. Have them sit and relax, and stare straight ahead. Then toss a wadded up ball of paper (or tennis ball or something) past the front of their face.

If you make video recording, and play it back slowly, you'll see the ball goes by, and then about a quarter second later, the eyes move.

But we FEEL LIKE our eyes move at the same time the ball passes.

In that split second, our "pre-conscious processor" is trying to figure out what's important and what isn't.

It's in that split second, between our subconscious actions and our conscious "noticing" of those actions, where we RATIONALIZE our actions.

Some scientists have even gone so far as to describe our conscious minds as "story telling devices" to watch our subconscious and then tell ourselves a cool story about what we think we're doing.

The good news is that this is AUTOMATIC. This was designed so we could live harmoniously in groups back when we were hunter-gatherers.

And anything that is automatic can be re-trained.

Everything you've ever learned to do, from a behavioral standpoint, (sports, music, typing, reading, etc.) is proof of this.

Which means with practice, you can RE-WRITE how you respond to situations.

For example, for many people, they look out into social situations, with interesting people and in that quarter-second, their subconscious decides it's scary, and then their conscious minds come up with a rationalization to JUSTIFY that feeling of "not wanting to interact with others."

But you can RETRAIN what happens in that quarter-second.

So instead of feeling anything that says, "don't talk to people," you can instead think whatever you want.

Like, "those people are pretty cool and they'll enjoy it if I walk over."

Or WHATEVER ELSE you want.

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