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One common mistake we humans make is mistaking metaphors for truth.

In NLP, this common mistake is referred to as "the map is not the territory."

A lot of metaphors are simplified descriptions of complicated things our monkey brains can't possibly comprehend.

It's an easy trap to fall into, since our language is filled with metaphors.

Even that last sentence has a couple metaphors.

"Trap" isn't a physical thing, it's an idea about a wrong way of thinking. But we have to think of it "as if" it were a physical object, so we know how to treat it grammatically.

And since getting into something accidentally (wrong ways of thinking) that you can't get out of sounds like a 'trap' so use the word 'trap' and the phrase 'fall into' along with it.

The second metaphor in that sentence up there is that our "language is filled with metaphors."

Both language and metaphor are abstract nouns. But we have to use them as if they are real objects.

What kind of objects? Language is a "container" because it's "filled" with metaphors that we "use." Because we use the word "use" that indicates we think of metaphors as tools. Since we use tools.

(Man this is getting confusing!)

But an equally unhelpful mistake is not to think that metaphors are actual things, but misunderstand the "magic" that we tend to forget about ordinary things.

(Wait, what?)

We tend to take a complicated process, use a metaphor to describe it, and then think that metaphor some magical understanding of reality.

When all around us are things we take for granted, that really ARE magical.

Like the process by which thoughts become things.

This sounds like a metaphorical description. Some kind of "law of attraction" mumbo jumbo.

But is a very REAL process.

Every single thing that has been made (and isn't random object in it's natural form) was FIRST an idea in somebody's mind.

The most complicated things most of us can't begin to understand, to gorgeous works of art that took the artist years to create, were first IDEAS.

Abstract things that existed in people's minds. And by continuing to focus on them, and continuing to TAKE ACTION, (usually with the help of a lot of other people) those thoughts slowly transformed into things.

Everything you see around you was a thought.

All of the thoughts YOU have and will have and have had, CAN become things.

But the process won't happen on it's own. You've got to be able to share your vision with others. Convince them of it's beauty. Get help to make it happen.

Between your idea and that thing it will become is your ability to share it effectively with others.

Click Here to learn more.

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