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hey George! can you please give a hypothetical example for Step 6 & 7?

I couldn't seem to grasp it. what is the anchor? how would i use it in the conversation?

and how do then I transfer it to self point? is Self-pointing a gesture in which you use 

you position your hands to your chest? sorry i just can't picture or imagine exactly

what's going on in step 6 & 7...

thank you so much in advance


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6 hours ago, richierich said:

what is the anchor? how would i use it in the conversation?


There are examples in the post about how to set anchors.

The things you say to her are based on what she says to you.

It's much better to actually go out, talk to girls, remember what they said, and then practice using THAT.

Using your own experiences are a million times better than reading hypothetical examples.

Your communication skills are highly dependent on your willingness to practice them while communicating with others.

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cool yes i understand. I think i just hold back for taking 

the plunge for closing  if i feel that she's

not head over heels about me. i don't know why...possibly fear of rejection 

or fear of not being smothered and having to to do most of the work. (i had good girls back then)

but hey i bought your Manifest Women a couple of months back and it does wonders

every time i use it even just for one day (girls are checking me out & smiling at me more) .

I feel that i gotta have to try using it more frequently 

for consecutive days to improve my risk-taking behaviours.

anyway thanks for the response. I will sign up for an affiliate soon when i start getting

solid results and will start blogging  about it 

more power to you George!

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Consider this idea:

If you close anybody, you still benefit. Having a memory of 100's of closes (good and bad) will make closing easier.

Having a memory of even 100's of failed closes will signficiantly give you a much more attractive "energy" as you won't be very nervous or worried.

Think of closing like doing pushups. They are no fun, and you're glad when you're done.

But if you make it a habit, you'll get in pretty good shape.

If you see talking to and closing girls like exercise for your "attraction energy" it's not that much different than doing pushups.

Pretty soon even getting rejected over and over will be fun, just like jogging is enjoyable after the first few minutes.


Talking to girls = exercising your confidence

Doing pushups = exercising your body


results are irrelevant

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