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Fundamental Money Skills


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Money is a pretty interesting concept.

Of course, it's also one of the biggest reasons for problems.

But in the abstract, it's an interesting idea.

You provide value for somebody. Either in the form of a service or some kind of product.

And you get money in return.

And you can use that money to buy anything.

In that sense, money is potential wealth. 

The pieces of paper aren't worth much (unless you're stuck on an island and need something to start a fire with.)

But it's use is what you can TRADE your money for.

And there's really no limit with what you can trade your money for.

So in a real sense, money is potential stuff.

And that stuff can be stuff that exists now, or stuff that hasn't even been invented yet.

Which is pretty cool. That weird looking piece of paper can be traded for nearly anything on Earth.

And if you want more money, all you've got to do is figure out what people want, and give it to them.

This is pretty much what us humans have done since we settled down in large cities and started getting food from agriculture, instead of chasing zebras around.

One of the most important skills to have, that can help you get other skills is how well you communicate with others.

The better you can communicate, the more you'll know what they want.

Even if you're in a job interview.

Imagine you and somebody else. The "somebody else" spends twenty minutes talking about how much they NEED the job.

YOU, on the other hand, spend you're time asking the interviewer about what THEY want.

ONLY then do you use your communication skills to explain why YOU are a PERFECT MATCH for what they want.

The better you can communicate, the easier this is.

Unless you're plan in life is to hide out in cave and make a living from your laptop, you simply cannot go wrong by increasing your people skills.

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