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How can you rise above adversity?


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Some people seem to sail through life not being touched by adversity.  And, on the surface it might seem they are the lucky ones to have no turmoil.  But, realistically everyone has turmoil and strife and there is no way to avoid this. The only thing you can do is frame your reaction to this stress in a way so as to change how your internal view perceives it.  For instance, if you miss out on a job opportunity due to illness or competition or are faced with a job task that is unpleasant, you can choose to learn from it rather than feeling bitter at it. 


With the missed opportunity, you could choose a different path (giving yourself options) such as by continuing your education so that when another opportunity comes up, you will be ready.  If you have a task to do that you don't like, you could allow yourself to see the best points, rather than focusing on the worst. 


Life adversity is often beyond our control so the only thing we control is how we react to it.



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Guest Beverly

You might call this 'keeping your eye on the prize'.  When you keep the big picture in mind and try not to focus on the small stumbling blocks in your path, then you are more likely to get closer to your goal than someone who is easily tripped up by negative people. 

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Your post reminds me of the poem "The shipwrecked soul" by Nick Laforce


Beware the captain
That sails only on smooth waters
That drops anchor only in safe harbors
That lets aboard only familiar faces
That will not brook strong winds or stormy weather.
Whose life well lived is a deadly comfort
Never to be dashed against rocks of passion
Never to be dismembered on the shores on love.
Yet a life so well lived it hides a shipwrecked soul

I have been such a captain.

But now I set out on unknown seas
With sails full open
Guided by wispers in the wind
By images in white capped waves
By patterns in the flight of birds
And by bits of news from distant ports
In search of that soul survivor
The almost forgotten fragments of Self
That shall heal the world as the world heals me.

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