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Turbo Charge Your Social Circle


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One of our biggest problems as humans is a mismatch in our instincts.

The easiest way to see this is by looking at hunger as an instinct.

Meaning it motivates us to do something, (eat) so much that no matter how hard we try to ignore it consciously, it's nearly impossible to do so.

This is why losing weight through sheer willpower is nearly impossible.

But in the old days, before they invented large societies, being always hungry was a good thing.

Because finding food was a chore. It took all day, and even then you might not have anything other than a handful of bananas.

One of our other instincts that get in the way is how we perceive strangers.

We think they are much more dangerous than they really are, since that's how it was back in the old days.

If you didn't have an automatic "strangers are dangerous" response, chances are you wouldn't have lasted very long.

So if you feel any kind of social anxiety, however weak or strong, it's totally normal.

But since few people only talk about this, it seems as YOU are the only one.

The good news is that you can easy "outframe" your instincts.

If you've ever consciously outthought your "hunger" instincts, you know this is possible.

How do you do it with social instincts?

The trick is to "go meta" when it comes to thinking of your "social group."

For example, there's probably a category of people (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.) that you feel comfortable around.

Anybody outside of this group trigger your ancient "strangers are dangerous" reaction.

The trick is to start to see ALL people as part of your social group.

This won't happen instantly, but with practice, you can build up that feeling.


It requires you constantly hold the "looking for familiarities" frame instead of "looking for differences" frame.

Whenever you see somebody, your subconscious rapidly categorizes them as "friend" or "not friend."

And if they fall into the "not friend" category, your subconscious AUTOMATICALLY puts in quickly into the "potential enemy" category.

The trick is to purposely hold a frame, whenever you see a stranger, of "what's similar between  me and them?" for as LONG as you can.

With enough practice, you'll learn how to see EVERYBODY as friendly, and behave just like you would with old buddies.

Click Here to learn more.

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