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How To Take Control Of Your Brain


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One thing that we humans have that other animals don't is our imagination.

Sure, some animals can be trained through association, but most of the time they are running on pure instinct.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don't use our imagination other than to waste time, or worse, imagine the WORST possible outcome.

But as Einstein said, "Imagination is everything."

And as a tool, it's got plenty of uses.

For example, you can "try out" a few different scenarios, and see which one might work the best.

Or you can use it to build in new behaviors, especially AFTER you try something and it doesn't work out so well.

One way is to look back on an event that didn't go as you'd hoped. Then change it around, so you behaved slightly differently, and got a much better result.

Then run through that NEW situation in your brain. If you do that enough times (not just once or twice) AND with sufficient emotion, your brain will start to remember THAT as if it really happened.

So next time you're in a similar situation, you will REMEMBER that as if you've done it before, so the NEW behavior will be natural.

Another way is to look at a certain event, and then break it down into components.

Kind of like a sports team watching a video of a recent game. They can watch what didn't work, as well as what DID work.

If you review whatever WORKED, over and over, that will reinforce that.

Even if the overall outcome was not so great, by focusing on the part that went well, you'll be building in the experience of "every time I take action, I improve myself in some way."

This will help you take better and better action each successive time.

However, this, like any other practice, takes time. Like building a muscle, the more you do it the stronger you'll get.

Unfortunately, most people practice the WRONG way to think.

They imagine the WORST possible outcome. This creates tons of anxiety, so if they ever DO take action, they're not nearly performing as well as they could.

This gives them the "feeling" of, "See, I KNEW that would happen!"

You can control your brain, and your life.

Or you can let your fears control you, your brain, and your life.

One is easy, but won't get you very much. It's also very common, and is the way most people operate.

The other way takes a little bit of effort, at least in the short term.

But in the long term, the results are SIGNIFICANTLY better.

Click Here to learn more.

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