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Your brain is incredibly fast, but it's not very accurate.

Most people don't realize how much energy the brain uses.

Based on its size, it's an energy hog.

Kind of like some of those programs on your computer. Everything starts running slow, so you check and see that one program is sucking up all your resources.

Unfortunately for us humans, that means that our brains simply CAN'T be BOTH fast and accurate.

How do we lose accuracy?

By making "guesses," or as they say in NLP, "distortions, deletions, and generalizations."

Meaning every time we look out into the world, our brains are quickly trying to find as much background info as possible.

Kind of like the cache on your browser.

Unfortunately, it's pulling up some OLD data.

Like when you were two, three years old.

Just when you started to learn to walk and talk.

At first, it was pretty cute. But sometimes it was a pain.

So today, when you look out into a social situation, you feel a desire to move forward, but also tons of subconscious memories that are telling you that expressing yourself is dangerous.

Lucky, there's an easy way to fix it.

All you need to do is create a "buffer layer" between those OLD memories and your current self.

And you make up that buffer layer with NEW memories.

Basically, you just create situations that give you the OPPOSITE feeling of those very early memories.

And what kind of memories are those?

Ones that say it's safe and easy to express yourself socially.

How do you do that?

ALWAYS bail out before something "bad" happens. NOT after, like most people do.

Most people charge ahead until they get kicked out.

But when you do the opposite, you'll quickly OBLITERATE any effect those early memories have on you.

All you do is START to do something, and as soon as you get ANY GOOD RESULT, eject like crazy.

You want to LEAVE the situation just as it's getting good.

This will create a feeling of "I could have done more." Do this enough times, and that "expressing myself socially" will FEEL EASY.

So when you think about doing anything socially, or talking to anybody for the first time, you'll have a lot of memories making it seem simple, rather than difficult.

The sooner you start building those memories, the easier it will be.

Click Here to make it easy.

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