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How To Super Charge Your Charisma


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The other night I stumbled across a comedian on Netflix.

The jokes weren't that funny, but the crowd loved her.

I tend to "reverse" engineer people when their "content" doesn't hold my attention.

Meaning I stopped listening to the actual jokes, and started paying attention to her delivery.

If you've ever watched TED talks, their kind of the same.

The actual CONTENT of the talks aren't really that groundbreaking.

Simply because they're meant for the non-scientific, mainstream audience.

If you read a TED talk as a blog post, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

But the way they are structured is what's interesting.

Like a very well put together infomercial.

Dark stage, spotlight on the speaker. Cut-away's to surprised, delighted or otherwise moved (and also more attractive than normal) audience members.

All designed to take the message (the content of the speech) and make it MUCH MORE entertaining or insightful than it would be on its own.

Why do they do this?

More importantly, why do we humans respond to "normal level" content that is PACKAGED in an extraordinary way?

Because we are humans, not Vulcans. (Those logic-only aliens on Star Trek).

We are EMOTIONAL creatures. Without our emotions we are NOTHING.

We would never have invented stories, literature, theater, and everything else that moves us.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to separate the MESSAGE from the DELIVERY.

Which is good if you can speak in a charismatic and outgoing way. With just a basic message, you can go a long ways with a powerful delivery.

You might even say that your message HAS TO be one that EVERYBODY can comprehend.

Which means if you ONLY work on your delivery, you'll go pretty far.

A great way to do this is to watch some comedians. YouTube or Netflix, wherever you find them. Turn down the sound and study their movements.

Then try and reproduce SOME of their movements when you're out in public and talking to your friends.

This will take your powers of communication to a much higher level.

Like anything else, this takes plenty of practice.

But if you practice anything enough, including social skills, you will get better with time.

So start practicing!

Click Here for more information.

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