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Feeling out of control


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Feeling out of control of your own life and situations in your life including on the job can come from lack of choices.  This feeling of loss of control can result in:


• Chronic stress
• Reactive responses (as opposed to proactive responses)
• Low quality relationships
• Feelings of depression, isolation and despondence
• Lack of sleep


When you feel there are only one or two (bad) options, you are not master of your own destiny and cannot control how your life goes.  However, the key in these situations is to rethink what you consider to be an option and ask yourself if there are other acceptable outcomes for a situation that you can live with.  Sometimes, we settle on perfection as a goal and nothing less is acceptable but in an imperfect world never achievable. 


When it comes to goal setting and reaching your dreams, you should set goals that are achievable and realistic and have options that can be met given your current life situation.


Find  a happy ground in the realism of the world that you can live with, rather than the idealistic world that may never be reached.



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I know what you are saying and I see your point, I do, but what about having big goals chunked down into small - even "baby step" small - achievable steps towards the "big" thing?


And or, set gradually but increasingly bigger goals, but start off with small ones heck even microscopic if needed.  But as they are achieved, increase the mile post, while also really take pride in the smaller achievements along the way? 


I also think it's really important to be happy in the now, enjoy the journey  

Thinking big is good (and it can be done in small steps too) but I think it's important not to have the mindset of "I'll be happy when..."

but rather of, this is on its way to me/I am bringing this to me/whatever but right NOW what can I appreciate, what do I love, what can I do that feels good. To help me better enjoy the journey.  What small steps can I take now towards my goal.  And what things can I do for him.


Just offering my thoughts. 

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