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Thoughts on Ego vs Skill?


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Hey guys.

So I am sure many of you have experienced this, but thought I would ask anyway . Wouldn't mind George's opinions either.

What are your thoughts on Ego vs Technique?

Say I am an actor, I put on Subliminals, etc. I go on to the next day I present myself in front of an audience. I logically speaking perform in a mediocre way, yet the subs have influenced the audience somehow to think I am great. I get compliments, etc.

Then  I don't know if I improve much. Basically it feeds my ego.


I put on Subliminals,  etc. I practice, I deliver mediocrity, get feedback,  go back. If it's bad, it's bad, I suck it up.

But of course, there's improvement. etc.


The same applies for anything. The girl can compliment you, etc. but it might be better to push the process face rejection and finally get results through process. This way you actually get better at the skill itself.

Should I cast out the affirmations that influence the audience and trust the process alone? What do you guys think? Is there ANY good that come out of random external compliments, etc. ? Is there really any good at saying I AM AN OSCAR ACTOR or rather just going through the process everyday?


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Subs don't work on the audience. They work on you. They change your beliefs to believe what the subs are telling you.

If you believe the audience loves you, you'll be a much better actor.

If you believe the audience thinks you are the greatest actor in the world, they will motivate you subconsciously to live up to their expectations.

Also, they're not meant to be a replacement for the necessary trial-error-feedback-learning-improvement mechanism, but a supplement.

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