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Light's LIfestyle Part II


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Link to first journal here:




Now starts 2nd Journal:


Alright guys. I have been wondering about the future for some time. I want to create sustainable wealth, not wealth that disappears due to changing times. Now for example, where are the opportunities in America? The answer lies in these 2 images.


Good Ol' China.



Good Ol Robotics.


Everything presently manufactured is increasingly coming from 2 sources. Automation and China has taken over the production of all goods. This means just about anything you're buying out there in the market is coming from here. Whenever businessmen  scale their businesses to larger scale, one of these two sources takes over. Robots which can work 24 hours or China which does everything Americans and other Western Countries can at about half the price, sometimes less.

So why is this important anyway?

It means whenever you see a dream, etc. you still have to be aware of the world economy. You still have to be aware of the direction society has chosen. And based on this direction, you'll likely have to edit your plans.


For the endeavors I am engaged in here's what it means.


1. Stock Market - increased amounts of robots to analyze everything I do

2. Real Estate - Technology attempting to replace agents.

3. Book publishing  - once more, writers form 3rd world countries producing content. 

4. Athletics - Wait, wow. For the first time I can say there is no replacement!

5. Amazon Selling - Once more, larger scales = software tools to analyze business metrics.


So if you want  to grow your business, take this into account. Is it possible to beat China and Robotics? It depends. Let's check out my activities:.


1. If you're an artist, There's no replacement for truly great works. Harry Potter cannot be produced by a robot. Neither can the Game of Thrones. Walking Dead. etc.

2. Real Estate - while technology can replace agents to a certain extent, a robot cannot truly replace the creative financing deals  that come from investors.

3. Athletics - How will robots replace this? Robotic arms and  legs? There is a trend towards computerized sports - ESports. We'll  see where this goes.

5. Amazon Selling - Amazon's entire goal is automation, so this will be a problem.

In short, there is no replacement for creativity. It truly redefines everything and breaks the structure. Robots cannot replace a human being's sense of creativity, and that is why we will  always be kings and leaders. If you're on your journey, train your creativity well. It will serve you in the future. 


Rock Out - Light





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