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finding ideal guy for marriage


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hi George,

would you please do a 256V subliminal for finding a guy for marriage not a boy friend or just long/short term relationships but someone that will marry you

so with following subliminal and other you can think of to add in

humble, understanding, open minded, wealthy, honest, loyal, masculine, courageous, companion, compatible, wise, genuine, kind, compassionate, empathetic, has morals and principles, good sense of humour, down to earth, easy going, loving, romantic, attractive 


i will find the right husband

i will get married soon

he will be fair/olive skinned

he will have a full head of hair

he will be tall, muscular, hench, have nice features, beautiful eyes, full lips, nice teeth/clean teeth

he will be good looking, gorgeous, handsome, hot, a hunk

 men see me as a keeper

men want to marry me

men want to take me home to their parents for marriage

I attract business men, they want to marry me

I attract surgeons , they want to marry me

i attract dentist , they want to marry me

i attract doctors , they want to marry me

is a provider, provides for me

is supportive financially and emotionally 

protects me

is financially stable 

wants a family and children

knows his role as a husband

is serious about me






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