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Breaking the cycle


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With a negative cycle, it's hard to know what came first; the stressful event or the stress.  As stress can cause you to experience ordinary life events as being negative and make even the happiest moments sad.  And, it all depends on  your reaction to the events and how you perceive them rather than the event itself.  And, even when an event is negative (such as confrontation with an angry boss), rather than feeding into that anger by lashing out at your boss with angry internal monologue, such as calling your boss a jerk behind his back, you can reframe that situation by looking at it objectively.  Realize that not every situation is in your control nor are you at fault for every bad situation even if you can't handle it.  In this way, you can easily move past the negative situation and not allow it to get into your system.  

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Guest Beverly

At some point, you have to let things go and realize that not every situation is in your hands.  Once you relinquish control over some things and take responsibility for the things that are in your life, you will make progress forward.  If things need to be changed that you have no choice over, then you will need to make good alliance with others who have the power. 

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I am finding, in general, that the more I listen to the positive affirmations in a few of the different audios given on the mindpersuasion website, the better my daily dispositions become. Happiness is a state of mind and I for one, like being there. I used to be a very happy person but for assorted reasons seem to have forgotten who I am. Listening to these positive affirmations here have me recalling my happy person and more willing to accept the fact that I am who I want to be, and I'm not the other mean, angry person I don't even recognize. I hope this helps somebody that needs it. Peace.

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