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Question on Tarot, Crystal , Etc?


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When I was younger I used to always be fascinated by symbolism(especially tarot). They had a sense of magical allure for me. I always wanted to learn what it meant and when I would look at the cards it would seem like they contain some sort of mystery inside. 

Now to the question, has any of you guys here use tarots and cards and do they work? I do get the basics of how tarots work, I have not fully dive into that subject. Having said that I understand pretty much how they work just never got the chance to take a serious look into it.

How about crystals? They are supposed to have some sort of frequency which heals certain things about yourself..Do you guys use these things yourself and do you think they work?

PS: I am not asking as a doubter I am just curious on what other people think on this sort of topic. 

PS2: I look forward to seeing some of your responses!

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I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Tarot Card Accelerator" type product. It would contain a description and short article on each Tarot Card, with three sessions (4VT, 4VG, 25VT) for each card.

Maybe a daily meditation where you focus on an intention, slowly shuffle the deck and pull out the "card of the day" according to your intuition. Then you'd read the particular "meditation" on that particular card, and listen to one of the sessions.

It would have to be 234 separate sessions (3 sessions x 78 cards) so it would be a MONSTER product. Maybe a cloud based membership (one time fee) or something.

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George you are a monster man!

I'd totally buy it and I am not even into tarots. Well, I am into it just never dove fully into it. I do get the basics down. Could you perhaps give a general description of the use of tarots and how this would help us within our own reality. Maybe you don't need so many sessions as I think that would be a little too inconvenient. I don't know just initial thoughts.

I think maybe something a little more generic that would give us a profound understanding would suffice. You know best. I just want to know how you put these things together BECAUSE you explain all these advanced concepts in a way that is so easy to understand. Most people make shit too complicated and you really have to surrender to their belief system and language patterns to it. Which is why I love your explanations they are always on point and easy to learn from.

Currently, I am interested in the tarot to further understand the system. It seems like a card game that contains ancient wisdom of reality itself. Card game seems a little silly. It is technically like a card game and it also helps understand the mysteries of life while giving insight on the subconscious.

Would love to see you make this.

My thoughts:

Perhaps, make it a little more simplified. I think 200+ video would be way too much. You might want to make 1 video for each and a master mix. You could maybe leave out the gamma for this one if you wanted too. Sorry if this sounds a little rude, just want to give some feedback here.

PS: Do you find tarots useful? Why or why not?

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So my .02 experiences. 

With Tarot or Psychic stuff - I don't readings on myself, it's generally best to hire someone else to figure things out. I have noticed regardless of how much I improve, there's a default sort of resistance to some things i.e. everyone has certain blind spots that prevent them from being completely successful. This is why working in groups, having a girlfriend, etc. helps. At the very least, you need some sort of guide that can see the full picture w/great clarity. Human beings including me have certain personality traits or weaknesses that lead directly to failure - and this can only be prevented by external circumstances. Environment, guides, good friendships,  etc. It's sort of like playing a sport. Without the right supporting casts and pieces that fall into the perfect puzzle, the best players will not win a championship. 

Whatever you do I would cast aside any inhibitions or skepticism you might have that preventing you from exploring Tarot. If you go to a good honest reader (there are some frauds so it's best you do your research before getting a reading), you'll find it works and it's often deeper than basic life wisdom. 

Crystals do work but I have found right action passes them in effectiveness. You don't really need a stone for communication, confidence, courage, etc. By taking the right actions, you'll do whatever needs to be done naturally. I needed to heal my relationship w/my family but I would never really take the steps to communicate the way I felt about their behavior, etc. it was a tough conversation, but in the end we reached an understanding and I felt a good amount better about everything. One of my friends say if you're psychologically strong do you really need crystals? I don't know if it is right or wrong,  but my line of thinking agrees w/that sentiment. 


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Hi Jerry, I've been using crystals for years and I've found that some are better than others. When I had tonsilitis I used a lapis lazuli and sodalite on my throat and the next day the lumps on my tonsils were gone! I tried it another time I had tonsilitis and the same thing happened. I use them on my chakras. Each crystal is supposed to have specific functions like healing specific things or increasing love and confidence, but they work better if you choose the crystal that matches the chakra in the area you want to work on, for example emeralds and rose quarzt for love (heart chakra), sun stone and citrine for confidence (solar plexus chakra). I'd recommend a quartz crystal as a starter crystal because it works on all chakras and helps clear negative energy. Sometimes people can feel a bit sensitive to the crystals energy so grounding yourself is important when using crystals, especially when working with the higher chakras.

I don't know as much about tarot, I've only been using my cards for a few weeks and I'd say they are accurate. Oracle cards are not bad, I've given a lot of accurate readings with them, but so far the tarot seem more acurate.

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Thank you, everyone, who responded to this thread. I found it very helpful to me and many ideas has stemmed from all the contributions. It seems like they are awesome tools, but may not be necesarily needed. I do like the part where you mention,Light, if you are already psychologically strong you may not need them, per se. I still love to look into things and see how they work just to get a general feeling. And also, remove the feeling of " missing out on something." 

It's one of those things that I feel it's hard to gauge the effectiveness. And while I do get the basic theory it's still hard to comprehend it. With that said, I think one of the most powerful tools is probably self-hypnosis which is what most things really are. 

I will gather more info on this later :)

Thanks for replying!

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