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How to create a dissociative state for your issues


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When dealing with perplexing life issues, such as worry or stress, it's often helpful to create a third person or dissociative state to allow yourself to deal with them. 


Here are some useful techniques for making this disassociated technique work for you.


  1. Imagine yourself standing across the room and observing yourself doing the action (such as worrying or over thinking)
  2. Watch yourself as if you are on a movie screen, you won't be able to hear your internal thoughts so you won't have to deal with internal monologue.
  3. Refer to yourself in the third person
  4. Ask your self questions about the situation and listen to your self speak back to you.   Be sure that you are not answering but allow your objective self to answer. 


Allowing yourself freedom to step outside your 'box' or realm of existence may be just what it takes to find solutions you need.

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I like this.  Yes, I know about associative and disassociative (although, like I've said, need to practice my knowledge & refresh it!!) 

But I haven't thought of when "seeing" yourself asking yourself questions and listening to the answers.

The seeing, but not the asking and answering.  

Very cool! 

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